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Surgical unit


Petaegis Veterinary Service is equipped with a laser surgery unit as well as a laser therapy unit. We offer full surgical services for your dog and cat.Before any anesthetic procedure or surgery, we will ensure your pet is an acceptable candidate to undergo anesthesia by doing a thorough physical exam and pre-surgical diagnostic tests. During surgery, your pet is closely monitored by a knowledgeable, well-trained veterinary technologist who is also aided by digital monitoring equipment. Thermoregulation is provided for all surgical patients so that they maintain a proper body temperature during procedures. Comprehensive pain management is utilized before, during and after all surgical procedures to keep them as comfortable as possible. Our medical team offers individual, compassionate pre and post-surgical care to each and every patient. We will always communicate with you after surgery to keep you fully informed about your pet’s surgery, progress and recovery. Please ask a technologist or veterinarian if you have any questions regarding your pet or their surgery.